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#1 Aesthetic Personal Training System  Worldwide
You'll Be Blown Away!
When You Have Seen the Difference From our Workouts!
You'll Get at Least Double The Results from Half the Effort!
  • Powerful Exercises You Have Never Tried Before!
    We tested them and certified your trainer to get you TOP RESULTS!
  • Cutting Edge Nutritional Plan 
    We'll tell you what to eat all day to increase your energy throughout the day and shed fat while you sleep! 
  • Get Motivation & Inspiration
    Your trainer practices what they preach - You count on your trainer to be there for you!
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National and International Certifications!

The NCEP Standard Certification is a holistic personal training course covering the main components of fitness: resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, nutritional guidance, and attitude training. 

In addition, this certification covers general aspects of anatomy, physiology, energy systems, body assessments, and medical health history -- as well vital information such as ethics and how to conduct business as a professional, (Often left out of personal trainer courses).

Have you tried to exercise in the past but failed to see results in certain stubborn areas? Maybe there are "fat" parts of your body that you consider unsightly?

Why are they there on YOU and not all other people? 

It's all in how you move, how you stand...and if all of your muscles are functioning properly. 

If you DO have stubborn areas, chances are they are not!

Your fitness professional is thoroughly trained in our patented aesthetic exercise system.  This exciting system helps teach you how to feel your muscles in an entirely new way. A way that will work faster and in a way that practically forces it to change!

Meet Your Personal Trainer:
Christian Blumel

I'm an extremely enthusiastic personal trainer and enjoy helping take new clients from overweight or average to having a body that they love!

You can count on me to be there for you to help get you into the best shape of your life!

Please reach out today. It's 100% Free and you will definitely get great value! Let's discuss achieving your goals and taking your body to the next level!

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