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Whatever You Do: Do Not Hire a Personal Trainer
Until You’ve Read This Important Fitness Announcement…

Have YOU Ever…[list style=”red-arrow-1″]

  • Quit Exercising Soon After You Started A Program Because You Saw No Changes?
  • Looked At a Movie Star With Jealousy And Wondered How They Can Look So Good for Their Roles?
  • Thought: “There Has to be An Easier Way to Get a Great Body!”

If you answered YES…then this page is for you:
You are the type of person who is DONE playing games, DONE wasting your time, and want a REAL DEAL personal trainer to help you change your life, you have come to the right spot!

…Because now you know someone with a secret – a Fitness Secret!

Get Excited!! Because When it Comes to Fitness Results and Exercise Secrets, I Literally Wrote The Book!

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leon-smallFrom the Desk of Leon Lavigne
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
CEO -Beverly Hills Fitness Group, Inc.

Dear Friend,
If you are reading this right now, you are likely interested in hiring the right personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

And you are definitely at the right place.

I want you to know that almost everything you’ve ever known about exercising has been become obsolete in the last few years.

So much has changed.

The incredible news is that there are new ways of exercising that can transform your body faster than you could have ever thought possible
…but the bad new is that very few trainers know about them.

You are giving your body, your health, and lets face it: YOUR ENTIRE LIFE a huge advantage by working with the right trainer.
So please pay close attention to what I have to say next:

If you exercise with the wrong trainer or go about doing it on your own, your are seriously taking your chances!

At BEST: you would notice minimal to no changes in your body.  Frustrating yes, but consider yourself lucky because you just wasted some time and maybe some of your dollars.
At WORST: You’d notice a lot of nagging aches and pains that take forever to go away because you got injured and tore your muscles, leaving you with pain you’d possibly have to deal with for the rest of your life.

Don’t be a victim…Talk to me first!

[embedplusvideo height=”337″ width=”550″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/9BYNlnEcgxM?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=9BYNlnEcgxM&width=550&height=337&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6906″ /]

Why Roll The Dice With Your Health? You Are So Close To Winning The “Hot Body Lottery” With Me!

If you follow a program that I custom design for you, you are going to perform the right exercises for YOUR body and for YOUR Goals.
…Every single time!

No major risk to your health because I’ll be monitoring you, and not a moment wasted of your time because you will know everything is working because you will feel it working exactly where you and I want!

Your Individualized Program Will Be Perfectly Designed For You And NO ONE ELSE!

Not everyone should do the same exercises because every BODY is different.

Becoming physically fit is much more complicated than you would think:
Your body is ever-changing day to day and week to week because of your lifestyle, your diet and your activity habits.

If there was just one basic program that everyone could do and look great we would all be doing it by now.

It’s not that easy..

…Maybe 100 years from now into the future there will be one perfect program for everyone:

We will live in a society of perfect health, and perfectly toned body’s –  (everyone will probably wear silver outfits like in the movies) 🙂 …sexy muscle shirts and tight form fitting bodysuits will be the everyday dress code.
Overweight and out of shape people would be publicly shunned, much like someone who hasn’t bathed in a while.

People will look at the “out of shape” and wonder, “why don’t they just follow the program, it’s so easy?” and laugh smugly as they drink green juice out of champagne glasses  with a straw and go back to staring into their I-phone 52S’s.

All Kidding Aside…Until The Future Happens I Will Be There For You…

[list style=”s”]
  • To analyze and scrutinize your physique and design your perfect program – highlighting your strengths and designing ways to overcome your weaknesses.
  • To relentlessly motivate and energize you to keep pushing forward… Encouraging you if you ever feel tired.
  • To be your dependable “ROCK” – never cancelling, and eagerly waiting for you to show up for your appointments.

When you follow the right diet/nutritional plan, you can expect to see changes in the mirror (or on the scale) almost each and every time you exercise. (Each week for SURE!!)
You will love the feeling of success and accomplishment that you feel when you look at yourself unclothed in the mirror after a workout.

You will SEE the definition in your muscles and the sexy toned lines that that separate them… You will be a hard body!

[list style=”pluswhite”]
  • Your clothes will fit again!
  • You will feel great about yourself!
  • You will live the best life possible knowing that your #1 biggest problem (your long-term health) is in the hands of a trusted fitness expert in Beverly Hills!
[/list] Sounds a little fantastic right? Maybe even a little far fetched?…I get it…
The internet is a cold dark place, and for all you know, I could be full of hot air.

But if you just give me one hour of your time I can prove it to you …and you’ll see what everyone is talking about.

You’ll Become An Instant Believer That YOU Can Have An Incredible Body!

I’ll show you many new exercises that you have NEVER SEEN before in our very first session.
…Exercises that activate muscles you have never felt before nor knew existed on you.
They will be personally planned for YOU to help create YOUR DREAM BODY!

I guarantee that you’ll be shocked and blown away when I reveal your new muscles!

I Have Several Gym Locations You Can Visit Or I Can Come To Your Home!

Boulevard Health Club: 120 North Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles 90048



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Here Is Some Free Advice You Can Start With.  You Can Take It To The Bank That It Works!!

[list style=”arrowwhite”]
  • Secret Tip #1: If You Eat The Right Foods LATE At Night You Can Burn Off As Much Body Fat While You Are Sleeping, As While You Are AWAKE:
    Eating fibers, good fats and protein (no carbs) before you go to sleep (30-45 minutes ideally) will cause you to be leaner in the morning. A perfect meal before bed would be a lean piece of chicken or fish and a green crunchy vegetable like broccoli or asparagus, steamed or stir-fried in a tiny bit of oil.
  • Secret Tip #2: If You Concentrate On FEELING The Muscle That You Are Exercising You Will Get Faster And Better Results By 310%.
    People mess this up all the time at the gym. They rush through a certain exercise 12-15 times, say “it’s too easy” and pick up a heavier weight and then another one…  Using this strategy instead of slowing down the weight and feeling the muscle more will ONLY get you bigger and bulky looking.  You should start as light as possible and keeping the muscle under tension. Go for a burn instead of using a heavier weight or doing higher repetitions.
  • Secret Tip #3: You Can Burn Off  MORE Body Fat For Good By Not Exercising In The So-Called “Fat Burning Zone”? Here’s Why…
    The fat burning zone is considered to be 60-70% or your max heart rate. The problem with staying in this heart rate zone is that you are actually programming your body to create MORE body fat for you to burn while you are doing cardio!! 
A twisted and endless cycle. Make Fat-Burn Fat, Make Fat-Burn Fat.  A better strategy (once you are conditioned to exercise) would be to do some high intensity interval training to burn more fat during the rest of the day, long after you are done exercising.
  • Secret Tip #4: If You Focus On Your POSTURE While You Are Exercising You’ll Get The Body You Really Want Twice As Fast.  And Here’s Why…
    Most everyone that you see in fitness magazines has really good posture.  They constantly have to stand up straight to LOOK GOOD in pictures.  But because you are constantly sitting down, it really messes up your posture.  (I promise you that its worse than you think.) This makes your body look out of shape, and needs constant correction. If you want a REAL Hollywood body you must work on your posture not only while you are exercising, but all day long!

If You’ve Tried It All Before And Struggled To Make Real Changes Or If You Are New To Working Out And Want To Start Off On The Right Foot –

I Am Definitely The Trainer For You!

I used to be a fat lazy couch potato and could barely do a pushup.

I never thought I would be a “fit person” because as a kid I was terrible at sports and people used to pick on me all the time about my weight.
My own mother called me “HUSKY” all the time. What a blow to my self esteem.

I got into partying and drinking alot…I smoked and grew 35+ lbs overweight with no muscles!

But my life as I knew it all started crashing down when I lost my girlfriend to a bodybuilder. He just laughed in my face as he pushed me aside and walked off with my girl.
She laughed at me too and said “Oh Leon, you’re such a sissy.”

I was crushed…defeated…and felt hopeless.
It was the lowest part of my life…

What the heck was I supposed to do NOW??? I felt like had lost everything.
An acquaintance recommended that I started exercising.  He even invited me to the gym with him (he later became the best friend I would ever have).

I decided to turn my life around and make a decision once and for all time:  I would never, EVER lose out in life again by being weak and out of shape and having a body that I didn’t take care of!
Not in my relationships, not in my work-life, not even when I was by myself!

It was time to step up..Time was flying by and deep in my heart I knew it was NOW or NEVER!
When I finally started to exercise, I struggled literally for years to see any real changes.

It was so disheartening to show up day after day at the gym and not make any progress.
I didn’t care though.  I had years of frustration, resentments and anger that I needed to release and that felt good.

I’m not sure how many hundreds of thousands of pounds I lifted in total in this 5-year time period, but it was a lot!!

But my body still looked weird and I was still fat!

Finally One Day I Tried Something Different By Accident…It Was Crazy When It Happened Because I Could Watch My Body Change Practically Before My Eyes!

I was like: “hey, wait a minute..whats that feeling?? I have never felt THAT muscle before!
I knew I was onto something!

That was the day I discovered MY FITNESS SECRET.

My Friend, this secret is what I am dying to show you…It WORKS and it will change the way you look at exercise forever!

If you are completely out of shape or desperately trying to change a frustrating part of your body,  you’ll see how quickly you can overcome these issues.
You’ll be shocked and feel EMPOWERED when you start to see the changes happening!

My techniques are definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their life, because they will liberate you and give you the power of choice over your destiny:

I will give all the tools to decide how good YOU are going to look.

Only you can make this choice for yourself…

You just need to follow my steps and repeat them.

Choose wisely!


Leon Lavigne
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
CEO -Beverly Hills Fitness Group, Inc.


[hilight color=”FFFF00″]P.S. My Fitness Secrets are so subtle that practically everyone overlooks them.  My system is so POWERFUL that people who see me one time are left feeling in control of their health and the way they look.
Your life can be changed practically overnight with the personalized program you will receive.[/hilight]

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]P.P.S. You CAN AFFORD THIS…I have programs for all budgets![/hilight] 🙂


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My Secret Formula Changes Lives Forever – You Can Be Next!

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”Ffffff” radius=”1″]Results TYPICAL! You can do it too!

After a week on his program, I have noticed an increase in muscular definition, endurance and more energy.  He has opened my mind to many more
exercises that produce results fast.  He makes working out fun and enjoyable.

Corey Elliott-Student[/contentbox]

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”Ffffff” radius=”1″]Results TYPICAL! You can do it too!Leon Lavigne has turned me into a fitness machine…I always thought of exercise just as something you had to do to stay healthy. With Leon, it’s a fun and exciting hands-on approach to making my body just the way I want it to be. I feel healthier and stronger when I’m following his plan, and his supportive, positive outlook only makes the whole process that much safer and easier.

Danielle Jones-Actress[/contentbox]

[contentbox width=”500″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”Ffffff” radius=”1″]Results TYPICAL! You can do it too!Leon,  I wanted “pre-crazy Britney Spears abs” and you have come through for me! My body is pretty unbelievable right now. You’ve taught me everything I need to know about what I can and cannot eat-and I’ve never had more energy or endorphins in my life. I’m so much more productive than ever, and I actually eat breakfast as well as wake up at a decent hour on my days off! Leon, you are such a blessing. You have helped me come so far; I have extreme confidence with my new and seriously improved body, not to mention in best shape of my life.  Would I recommend you to my friends? Of course! Leon, I’d say you’re pretty amazing. You turned my life in a total 360, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!

Kimberly Perry- Fashion Designer

[/contentbox] [contentbox width=”500″ height=”300″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”Ffffff” radius=”1″]

Here is a picture taken after 2 months following the workout/diet plan you gave me in July.
I am thrilled with the outcome and actually got a modeling contract as a result of following your advice!
These pictures are from a recent shoot. Thank you so very much for helping me transform my body!!

Spencer Squire – Model



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Q &A Tips for Finding a Qualified Los Angeles Personal Trainer:

Q: Is Your Los Angeles Personal Trainer Qualified?
A: A personal trainer should have a national personal training certification from an accredited agency.  If they do not, you might be taking a safety risk.  Getting the proper certification will educate your trainer on the proper, general ways to train a client.
Q: Is Your Los Angeles Personal Trainer Experienced?
A: Notice the shape of the personal trainer you are considering working with, do they “look” like they know what they are talking about? Do they practice what they preach?  A trainer should be a very healthy individual who can direct you to be the same, not bring out the worst in you.  Would you like your body to look like theirs? 
Q: Can your Los Angeles Personal Trainer Deliver on His Word?
A: The personal trainer  should have testimonials from many happy clients.  Others must vouch for your trainers performance in order for him to be considered legitimate.  Will he set a deadline for specific results to have happened? How about any guarantees?
Q: Is your Los Angeles personal trainer energetic, and fun to work with?
A: Make sure that your personalities agree with each other, otherwise a trip to your personal trainer can be worse than a trip to your dentist.

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