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For the first time in your life: You are going to feel fantastic about the real possibilities of YOU having a sexy body.

Let me show you the muscles you’ve never felt before! – Because when you do feel them for the first time, you will become inspired AND start to take action – you will have seen the error of your ways and do things differently this time.

Your body WILL respond – It has to!

Here is WHY:

The in-active muscles are hiding under your fat. Not just anywhere under your fat, but under the FATTEST and most “funny looking” parts of your body that disgust you the most!i-used-to-be-fat-2
…The parts that you are embarrassed by.
…The parts that you hate and would rather that no one ever saw again.
…The parts that make you even consider getting plastic surgery!

Why not discover the secrets to fixing them today so you can start to LOVE your body!

This body transforming method was conceived by professional bodybuilders – people paid thousands of dollars to have a 100% toned and perfectly hard physique.

The difference between you and a bodybuilder is that many of them were born with great mind-muscle control – and you…probably not so much.

Personally, I was born with terrible mind muscle control so I can definitely understand the way you must be feeling right now – but I managed to take exercise design to a whole NEW level and change my life forever!

I’ve perfected these methods and can teach them to anyone, and here is what I’ve found:

When You Regularly Activate Muscles With These Rarely Found Exercise Variations The Most Stubborn Fat Melts Away…


Active muscles do not have the same tendency to store body fat as inactive muscles – so if you have exercised in the past and not seen the changes that you wanted in these areas:

Guess what? YOU have in-active muscles! Otherwise you would have seen a difference.
When you have inactive muscles it does not matter what you do for exercise…the area you want to change will not budge an inch until you get all your muscles working the way they are supposed to.

Bad posture is a MAJOR symptom of inactive muscles.

With your muscles imbalanced and not working working you may as well not even try – In fact it may actually be HARMFUL for you to do so.
Because while your inactive muscles are weak from non-use, you have other muscles that become overly strong.
These overly dominant muscles can even rip and tear the unactivated ones because of their extreme imbalance.

(Your muscles pull on your other muscles, and there needs to be a balance between the strength and tension relationship between them- otherwise there is PAIN.)

…Why Do You Think People Are Always Hurting Themselves Within Weeks Of Starting A New Exercise Program On Their Own?

You can avoid all this and change your life with my program!

It’s as simple as that- when you make the activations that I am promising that you have never felt and experienced before,
and follow the rest of my diet recommendations, your toning and sculpting and FAT loss changes are GUARANTEED!

Like I said: If I can’t impress you with my SECRET exercises I will pay you $100 on the spot!

Confident? Definitely – And I can back it up!

But either way: YOU WILL WIN!

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Start Changing Your Life With These Free Body Transformation Tips:

Tip #1: If You Eat The Right Foods LATE At Night You Can Burn Off More Body Fat While You Are Sleeping, Than While You Are AWAKE:
Eating fibers, good fats and protein (no starchy carbs) before you go to sleep (30-45 minutes ideally) will cause you to be leaner in the morning. A perfect meal before bed would be a lean piece of chicken or fish and a green crunchy vegetable like broccoli or asparagus stir-fried in a tiny bit of oil.

Tip #2: If You Eat Within 30-45 Minutes Of Waking Up , You Will Burn 57% More Body Fat.
You must not skip breakfast…It’s not called the most important meal of the day for nothing! When you start the day with a protein shake and some healthy fat (like almond butter), you are stimulating your metabolism first thing and stabilizing your blood sugar. PLUS: you’ll get a LOT more energy.  Make yourself eat (even just a few bites) within 30-45 minutes of waking up, whether you are hungry or NOT. You’ll soon get used to it…when you are leaner! 🙂

Tip #3: If You Concentrate On FEELING The Muscle That You Are Exercising You Will Get Faster And Better Results By 310%
People mess this up all the time at the gym… They rush through say 12-15 reps of a certain exercise, decide it’s easy and pick up a heavier weight and then another one…  Using this strategy instead of slowing down the weight and feeling the muscle working more will ONLY get you bigger and bulky looking.  You should start as light as possible and keeping the muscle under tension. Go for a burn instead of using a heavier weight or doing higher repetitions.  Great definition is right around the corner if you do this!

Tip #4: You Can Burn Off  MORE Body Fat For Good By Not Exercising In The So-Called “Fat Burning Zone” While You Do Cardio. Here’s Why…
The fat burning zone is considered to be 60-70% or your max heart rate. The problem with staying in this heart rate zone is that you are actually programming your body to create MORE body fat for you to burn while you are doing cardio!!
…A twisted and endless cycle. Make Fat-Burn Fat, Make Fat-Burn Fat.  A better strategy (once you are conditioned to exercise) would be to do some high intensity interval training instead.  You’ll burn more fat during the rest of the day, LONG after you are done at the gym.

Tip #5: If You Focus On Your POSTURE While You Are Exercising You’ll Get The Body You Really Want Twice As Fast.  And Here’s Why…
Most everyone that you see in fitness magazines has really good posture.  They constantly have to stand up straight to LOOK GOOD in pictures.  But because you are constantly sitting down, it really messes up your posture.  (I promise you that its worse than you think.) This makes your body look out of shape, and needs constant correction.  Additionally, bad posture goes hand in hand with weak muscles AND your body tends to store fat where muscles are inactive and weak. …Once you activate these weak and sagging muscles with my system, the body fat will be gone in no time!



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