Personal Chef Los Angeles

Dear Gourmet Food Lover,

We all love to eat delicious foods, but trying to prepare healthy meals that stimulate your metabolism and increase your fat loss can be so overwhelming when you are trying to stay healthy.
I need to tell you today that you can stop worrying about calorie intake, portion control, eating carbs, and even preparing your meals altogether!

Put me, a top notch certified personal trainer and chef in charge of all the hassle of planning, shopping, and preparation of your healthy diet!
Prepare to discover MUCH more time for enjoying the things you like to do the most!

I promise that you will see the value your very first day of service in having me, your personal food expert, creating unique and healthy Fitness Meals!

Your Needs Are My Main Concern!
Your food plan is based entirely upon your personal needs and wants. I will plan your Fitness Meals by first learning about your dietary preferences and personal fitness goals.
From this information I will create a uniquely stylized menu based entirely around you and your tastes!

This is not a “run of the mill boring old diet program”!

• I offer a wide variety of dishes, so repetition is never a problem.
• Breakfasts range from delicious omelets and oatmeal dishes to fruit salads and smoothies.
• Lunch offers even greater diversity, from wraps to baked sweet potato tuna melts, stuffed peppers and many different salads.
• Dinners come with a delicious serving of protein of your choice with a variety of crunchy veggies in many delicious sauces.
• For balance, occasionally I’ll throw in a small portion of a (very) decadent dessert… just for a treat!

Don’t let that hard work in the gym go to waste- Let me be your personal fitness chef today!

Yours in Health and Good Taste!
Leon Lavigne


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