The results have been proven!

Our step by step exercise methods are thoroughly tested and intelligently designed to deliver fast changes to people’s bodies.
When you combine our proprietary exercise system with our step by step business building program, you are destined to have a very rewarding business that you own.

As the owner of your own business, you can truly design the life of your dreams!

The Cornerstones of Running a Successful Business Depends On 4 Things:

  •  Exercise Knowledge.
  • Getting The People You Train Results They LOVE!
  • Solid Business Mentorship.
  • A Consistent Marketing Partner.

We want to teach you how to grasp all of these crucial components of a successful personal training business!

From the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can become a nationally certified personal trainer.
We have partnered with a major personal trainer certification school to give you a first class education on the body.

Your Fitness Education Covers All These Important Topics:

With Our Rapid Learning Program, Your Certification Will Be Complete In 7-10 Days!

You can study for the test at your own pace, and when you are ready, simply log in and press START.

You can take the test with an open book if you desire.
There are 50 multiple choice questions- and you must complete it in less than 1-hour.

We WANT you to succeed, so you may take the test as many times as necessary until you pass.

Learn Our Confidential: Muscle Activation Exercises!

We have prepared a video library in our Trainers Area that has hundreds of video exercises you can use on your near future clients to maximize their results.

These are the shortcuts we use to transform our clients body’s so quickly.
We will reveal our proprietary ways of getting clients connected to their muscles so that sculpting and shaping them will be an easy and exciting process.

Anyone you use these exercises on will be shocked and blown away by what you are having them do.

These are extremely practical exercises that take most trainers years to learn if they ever discover them at all….There is simply nothing else like it!

They will want you to use more and more exercises on them, because for the first time in their lives, they will be CONVINCED and excited that they are resistance training the right way.

They will know that it is right because they will be feeling it working exactly where you are telling them they should, and that builds trust and hope in their hearts and motivates them to keep going!

*All you have to do is watch each video three times through, and then test it on your own body so you can feel how it works. Then you will be ready to teach it to others.

The more of our techniques you master, the more word will get around that you really know what you are doing and the more you can expect to earn as a trainer.

Our Step by Step Exercise Video Demonstrations Include: For Women:

  • How to build up or tone down glutes to make them perfectly round and hard
  • Discover the 2 best exercises for getting rid of “Jiggly grandma arms”.
  • 3 step process for toning up the lower belly almost overnight.
  • How to shrink the size of someone’s rib cage.
  • 5 simple steps to get rid of love handles.
  • A simple routine that cures pain and “clicking” in your hips.
  • How to make legs skinnier with an awesome shape.
  • The subtle differences in resistance training you need to know in order to tone up and NOT add bulk to a woman’s body.

For Men:

  • A little known bench pressing form for making stubborn pec muscles grow like crazy.
  • The ultimate cure for small upper arms to make them explode with new growth.
  • The “secret” upper arm muscle that most men never train that make the biggest aesthetic difference.
  • How to eliminate stubborn outer and lower chest fat.
  • The king of all AB exercises. (Every time you do these laser targeted movements it’s just like doing 10 crunches.)
  • How to get “freakish” triceps.
  • The best exercise for creating a mountain high peak in biceps.
  • The best way to activate upper pecs to they are primed for growth.
  • The simplest way to make your forearms and wrists grow like crazy.
  • How to get the vertical line in abs to come out.
  • A unique way to activate the lat muscles to create definition and build mass in the upper back incredibly fast.

For Everyone:

  • Ways you can structure your diet so that you burn off extra fat in your sleep. You can do it and wake up leaner every morning.
  • How to shrink the fat pockets on the toughest areas all over your body.
  • The exercises that shed fat MUCH faster than running on a treadmill.
  • How to shape your muscles at will with this one technique that teaches you what to look for when you exercise.
  • How to chose the right fitness goals so that you do not burn yourself out, and will always be motivated to do it even when you do not want to.
  • The physical therapy way of stretching that gives you rapid flexibility.
  • Movements to get rid of a double chin right before your eyes.
  • Exercises for curing shin splints.
  • Secret foods you can eat to shed bloating fast and look great for a “red carpet” event the next day.

…And Much, Much More.

You can refer back to our videos any time you want, so if you ever have a client who you have a question about how to train or need some fresh ideas for workouts, you can always find the answers you need!

In As Little as 7 Days From Today, You Can Begin Accepting New Clients.

The hardest part about going into the personal training business is finding clients.
It is the reason many personal trainers give up before they ever really get started on this career path.

This is because they started off with no plan, they had no mentors support and they have no effective business skills.

As part of what we offer, we basically “hand you the keys” and teach you all of these necessary elements of being successful in the business.

We WANT you to be tremendously successful and have an amazing life. That is why we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you have everything you need to accomplish this goal.

Be Smart: Put the Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Name to Work for You!
With our professional Beverly Hills Fitness Experience branding, getting clients will be a much easier process.

Let’s Face it, the Name: “Beverly Hills” Grabs You by the Eyeballs… Its Sells Itself!

It gets people’s attention and evokes curiosity. Our Beverly Hills Fitness Experience name is one of the reasons that brought you here today isn’t it?

Your potential clients will feel the same way! They will want to see what you have to offer, and will gladly spend money to work with you.

When you enroll in our program, we will send you an ultra-soft black active wear shirt embroidered with the Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Logo as a token of our appreciation for joining our ranks!

You will be armed with a rock solid education, the best of the best body sculpting techniques in the world and an exclusive Beverly Hills brand.
You will be unstoppable!

Imagine What YOUR Career Could Be Like..

  • Flexible hours
  • Working as your own boss.
  • Having a perfectly shaped healthy body.
  • Earning a great living doing what you love!



You Can Earn Between $4500-$10,000 a Month as One of Our Fitness Trainers.


“This trainer is currently taking in over $7100 in recurring credit card revenue and about $2500 more in cash and checks. In total: over $100,000 per year!”

YOU can earn this kind of money too!
We Are Going to Help Clients FIND YOU By Putting Up a Special Search Engine Optimized Web Page Advertising Your Business Where You Live.

Google loves our website. It’s been online since 2005. We have spent thousands of dollars on making our pages show up on the first page for the keywords that make us money. We want to do this for you, in your city!

Right now, hundreds of people are looking online for a personal trainer to hire for their services every month where you live (thousands of people per month in major metro areas).

Our trainer’s web pages definitely show up on page #1 in Google for our target keywords so potential customers will absolutely visit our site.

Our website is like an 800-pound gorilla when it comes up against other fitness trainers websites. We almost always come out on top!

(Click on images for a larger view.)

(Click on images for a larger view.)

 (Click on images for a larger view.)


Our Video “Pre-sells” Our Trainer’s Services so Prospective Clients Will Be Excited To Exercise And Learn From You…

Announcing the Future of Personal Training:The Official Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Personal Trainer Certification with a Complete Mini-Franchise!

Of course we welcome previously certified personal trainers and those who have ever considered becoming an exercise professional! We can teach you from the ground up!

Signing Up Clients and Making Great Money with Our Online System is Easy and Streamlined:

  • Someone interested in improving their body and their life goes online to see if there are any trainers who work in the area that interest them.
  • They come to our website and we present them a webpage which pre-sells them on your services.
  • They contact you directly by calling you on our toll-free line or sending you a contact request online.
  • You set an appt for a risk-free session.
  • You shock and amaze them with the exercise techniques we taught you.
  • They enroll for future sessions on a private or semi-private basis that pay you over and over again…
  • A typical Semi private client will pay you $209-$299 per month (roughly $25/hour, but you can train up to 5 at a time and make $125 per hour).
  • Depending on your location, an average 1 to 1 private client will spend anywhere between $500-$1000 per month-And that is just ONE client! Most will want to work with you on an ongoing basis!
  • There are THOUSANDS of SEARCHES being done on Google in your state every month!

Do the math: Over time, earning $5000-$10,000 is WELL within your reach!

Additionally, One of the main benefits of being a trainer is that you get time to exercise and make yourself as healthy and look as good as possible, so you can be healthy and wealthy AND loving your life!

Here Are The Terms When We Work Together:

  • ALL the money you earn from clients you generate is yours to keep!
  • ALL the leads we send your way from our website we split 50/50!


Fair enough?

You Have Access to Officially Licensed Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Clothing and Business Cards:

#1: Uniform Shirt
We will supply you with a officially licensed uniform shirt so that people automatically treat you as a professional.
Our breathable shirts whisks away moisture and are extremely soft and comfortable.

#2: 500 Business cards
Printed with your name,  unique web address: www.beverlyhillsfitnessexperience/ and your email address.

You can use your new business cards to spread the word and market your business offline!

Here is What Else Is Included With Our Exclusive Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Program:

  • Web Page:
  • Access to wear and resell our Officially Licensed Clothing Line
  • Email Address:
  • Client Forms, Business Contracts and Agreements.
  • Fat Loss or Muscle Gaining Nutritional Tips for Your Clients.
  • Nutritional Supplement Program.
  • Plus: +199 Amazing Exercise to get You and Your Clients Top Results!
  • Customer Support Forum Access (Valuable Business Advice!)


The Time to Partner With Us is Now Because Space is Extremely Limited and Will Absolutely Sell Out !
Because we want you to make the most money possible, and keep demand for our trainers services high, we are only selling one license per zip code (2 for major metro areas).

Only ONE lucky trainer will be certified by us in your area and claim it forever!

We are going to do everything possible to support this trainer to make sure that they earn money, so our license fee justifies itself again and again.

We want to do business with you for years to come, and we know that is only going to happen if YOU are making good money and loving what you do for a living.

Similar Franchise opportunities that include branding and business operations techniques sell for upwards of $30,000 just to get your foot in the door.

We thought about going that route but we realized that $30K is a lot of money to come up with up front, even for a business that could potentially generate that much money PER MONTH in just a few years.

To make that happen, we are willing to temporarily discount the price of our certification.

*After these 250 personal trainers are certified, we terminate the discount and raise the price back up.

The normal investment to start our program is a one-time fee of $497 to certify you and build your webpage, and then $97 per month to leverage our established brand name to grow your business.

However, The First 250 Trainers Who Enroll Immediately Can Get Started For Just $299 Plus $97 a Month to do your Web Marketing! (Regularly $197) 

We are advertising all across the internet, so our program is seen by hundreds of people every day (and quite frankly, this is a once in a lifetime deal.)

The last of these 250 available spots could literally be filled by tomorrow, so you are advised to sign up immediately if you plan on taking advantage of this great incentive!



If you are serious about becoming a successful personal trainer and think earning $25-125 per hour by doing what you love for a living sounds great, we encourage you to claim your zip code immediately by enrolling in our program.

Just click on the Enroll Now! button above and you will gain instant access to your training coursework and can open your new business in as little as 7-10 days from today!

We will Priority ship your business cards and your official Beverly Hills Fitness Experience Trainers shirt in the mail just as soon as you complete your exam.

We want you to be completely blown away by the amount of value we are providing with our program, and if for any reason you feel that it is anything less than you expected, you can let us know and we will honor our 30-day money back guarantee (less the cost for the shirt, business cards, and shipping).

Committed to Your Health and Wealth,




Leon Lavigne
CEO & Executive Fitness Consultant
Beverly Hills Fitness Group, Inc.



P.S. If case you missed it, we want to help you become a personal trainer and open your own Beverly Hills Fitness Experience personal training business. You can get certified online in as little as 7 days and start earning $25-125 per hour right away!

P.P.S. You will LOVE working with us if you are interested in a career path that gives you flexible hours, helps you stay healthy, and has a high profit earning potential ($100K+)!

P.P.P.S. The system is proven: Just like you found THIS page is just how we are going to work together to get you great paying clients!

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