Market Your Personal Trainer Services Efficiently

Personal fitness training has come up as a lucrative job over the last few years. In fact hundreds of people every day join the fitness industry to make it big as a fitness trainer. However, only a handful of them go on to earn a handsome income while others struggle. Many of the people that fail have good knowledge about fitness training programs and the necessary skills to succeed, but there is one thing that separates winners from the losers, an effective marketing plan to sell their services.

There is no rigid set of instructions about fitness marketing. What works for someone may not work for somebody else. But there are some rules of the thumb that should at least launch the fitness marketing efforts of a budding fitness trainer on the right track.

–   Never neglect existing clients. A common mistake that newbie’s make is that they neglect their existing customers and turn their whole attention towards finding new clients. Doing this not only creates a bad reputation in the market but also diminishes the chances of referrals.

–   Referrals can generate a steady stream of clients for your business if you are doing a good job. Everybody knows someone who is in need of a personal trainer. Do not forget to share your total expertise and fitness training plan with existing clients. If they know all the services you offer, they can refer easily.

–   Maintain cordial relationship with your clients. Take them for coffee; give them surprise gifts or extra sessions. Satisfied customers will do their best to help you in any way possible.

–   Prepare some flyers about your services to be distributed in the local community. Mention the benefits of training fitness program in that along with your advertisement. A great technique is to provide the first trial session as free. This offer is known to generate good responses.

–   Create a newsletter containing personal training benefits, some physical fitness tips and tricks and in the end the services you offer. Prepare a list of people in your city and mail the newsletter to them periodically. Do not forget to add new content in each version and provide an option to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

–   Create a blog or a website about personal fitness and your services. Update it regularly with fresh and interesting content. Apply some SEO techniques if possible. This is a good source for generating customers.

–   Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut to promote your services. Millions of users frequent these sites every day and if you can interest some people then the recognition can trickle down to even more users.

–   Create YouTube videos of your training sessions. At the end of each video, share detailed contact information. Thousands of people search for fitness videos every day and there is a high chance of getting some leads from there.

Remember to Research on fitness marketing thoroughly to get more ideas. But above all, keep all the details about your services neatly organized. Never leave a chance to impress your potential customers. Be prepared to answer the “What is personal fitness and how you can help me with it?” question in the most eloquent and convincing manner. Have fun building your personal fitness business.


Get Personal Training Clients with Advanced Tactics

The job of a personal trainer is gaining popularity very fast with more and more people getting health conscious every day.  The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are many and most people who can afford it are opting for one. This trend has created a new job opportunity in fitness industry. Many people are considering taking up the personal trainer profession as their primary job. But to get certified as a personal trainer is not enough. To be successful as a trainer, you have to learn how to attract more clients.

There are a number of ways to advertise your training services to potential clients. Most trainers know about the basic tactics like preparing flyers, getting referrals from existing clients and running an ad at social networking sites and local newspapers. However, there are some overlooked and untapped sources that can generate clients faster than most of the commonly known methods. Here we shall discuss some of the most efficient ones among them.

Arrange Free Fitness Seminars

Arrange free fitness seminars at your gym and at the local companies and organizations. Keeping the seminar free is the key as it will ensure higher turnouts and organizations will let you arrange those seminars easily as they do not have to pay anything. Remember your goal is no to earn money from the seminar but use it as an advertisement of your services. Give quality useful information at the seminar and you will be amazed at how many people end up signing up for your fitness course.

Go For Some Local Health Awareness

Take a couple of hours off each week and go to some local mall or grocery store where many people can be found. Educate these people about health and fitness, show them some demos if possible and share quality useful tips. This is another great way of attracting clients towards your service.

Publicize Specialized Quick Fire Fitness Programs

Create and market some specialized and attractive fitness programs such as 21 Day Abdominal Fat Loss Program or Seven Day Weight Loss Program. Research has shown that people respond more positively to such time bound specialized programs than they respond to general fitness routines. Use this technique for your advantage and once clients start pouring in, make sure to give your best to keep them.

Have Your Answers Ready

Always stay prepared to answer questions. Be it regarding your services, benefits of fitness programs or about your methods, have properly prepared appealing answers ready so that you never have to search for words. Correct prompt answers to queries can compel people to opt for your services more often than not.

Organize Competitions and Challenges

Organize monthly, six monthly or annual weight loss and fitness challenges and invite the people in your community to participate. Reward the winner with an attractive prize and free one or two month membership for your services.

These methods are seldom put into practice but they can bring you a flood of clients if implemented properly. Remember that out of the box thinking is always a better way to find more innovative techniques to attract more clients. Start applying these techniques today.